Lab 11.3: PPE Selection for Battery Energy Storage Systems

Instructions: This is your last lab activity! By now you know the drill. It’s related to SW3 in Building 7R. If you’re totally lost, you saw this switch in the video for Lab 9.1. Upload your work order/energized permit to complete activity.

Lab 11.1: Making Intertier and Intercomponent Cables (Jumpers)

Instructions: Access the handout and discussion document in the “Materials” tab above.  This is just like Lab 10.1, but this time you are making different conductors with potentially different requirements. You will be making the inter-row cable, and the cables that go to the disconnect. Each has different requirements. Be ready to show and discuss […]

Lab 10.2: Making Wet Cell Intercell Connections

Instructions: No video here and no assignment upload. Use the Handout available in the “Materials” tab. It is very detailed and walks you through the requirements to install the intercell connectors on the 3CC-3M wet cell training battery to create a single 6V battery. Complete the tasks, and click mark complete. (Proof of work will […]